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AKG Y50BT headphone review

AKG Y50BT headphone review

It solely takes a passing look to check these square measure AKG’s piece of work. The ‘AKG’ inscription with boldness brandished across the Y50s’ vibrant red, yellow, teal or (less colorful) black ear cups is actually a point of those on-ears – a top-end model in AKG’s new style headphone vary, the Y-Series.

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Sitting just under the flagship Y55 over-ears (£100), the Y50s square measure a part of 3|a 3} in-ears and three on-ears vary. Their daring look is probably a bit out of character for the Austrian company, however, it’s a transparent step towards refreshing its entire headphone assortment (which so far has, for the most part, consisted of the far-famed K Series) and attracting a younger market.



We just like the inventive style, however don’t mistake it for a low-quality gimmick – these square measure exceptionally well-created headphones.

Their metal ear cups – that house 40mm drivers – have a swish, shiny feel and have fine cosmetic detail.

Portability isn’t a difficulty because of a showing neatness designed mechanism that lets them fold flat and collapse inwards for simple storage.

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That could be within the equipped material case or, perhaps, an oversized coat pocket.


Their style may not be therefore typical for AKG headphones, however, their sound actually is. The Y50s don’t be the unsafe entice of favor over substance, sounding as sunny.

Reveling within the song’s cheerful beat and fast tempo, prime temporal order and sapphic, punchy expression square measure their forte.

Balanced and perceptive, there’s equilibrium between the song’s clap beats, buoyant vocals, and present cymbals – although, if something, bass throbs a bit over-enthusiastically with the drumbeat.

A throng of detail is disclosed, the cymbals clearly gift even once they’re simply a whisper among the remainder of the dense track’s noise.

The Y50s convey the huge sense of scale and power behind the orchestration in James Newton Howard’s Evacuation. Trombones soar and violins erupt because the orchestration involves ahead.

Dynamically sound, the Y50s effortlessly wind down throughout the additional delicate moments too. Again, finer detail prevails through the dense sections of the track, refined xylophones passing through clearly, and therefore the unarticulate choir distinguished among the foreground instrumentals.

Is there a downside? They’re slightly on the quiet side; if you wish things loud, turning up your device’s volume can drain its battery faster than usual.

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AKG Y50BT — style and luxury

The AKG Y50BT square measure on-ear headphones, however larger than most of this kind. they need a chunky, exuberant vogue that seems additional fun than the typical set of AKG headphones.

They’re clearly designed to draw in eyes on the main street. The version AKG sent a certain review is one amongst the foremost sedate of the lot: silver and black, showing off the metal caps on every one of the cups. The wireless model is additionally on the market in blue and black; the wired combine are available different bright shades too.

Each side contains a thick artificial animal skin pad that sits on your ear sort of a pillow. because of an awfully swivel-happy frame, thick foam and fairly lightweight weight, the AKG Y50BT manages to avoid the classic discomfort problems related to most on-ear headphones. I’ve worn them for a couple of hours at a time, and even throughout a 30-minute cavort the park I old no issues.

That said, if you’re possibly to be sporting headphones for a solid eight hours each day, Associate in the Nursing over-ear set may be a higher plan. They avoid inserting pressure on your ear animal tissue, therefore you won’t want a rest from sporting them.

The AKG Y50BT square measure unapologetic transportable headphones, and therefore the cups fold up into the scarf to create them even easier to move. A basic material carry bag comes included; an elaborate exhausting case would be at odds with the breezy, immature vogue.

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AKG Y50BT – Wireless and options

These headphones square measure well catered for on the school aspect. not like the otherwise wonderful Urbanista Seattle, these headphones provide aptX and wonderful battery life. AptX ensures you won’t hear any obvious, grating degradation of sound quality once victimization Bluetooth, and with up to twenty hours of battery life, the AKG Y50BT square measure prepared for the longest of flights or all-day listening. The battery is charged victimization Associate in Nursing exposed micro-USB port on the aspect, that highlights one amongst the Y50BT’s missing features: splash-proofing. However, not like in-ears, they’re unlikely to become too wet whereas you’re out running or within the athletic facility.

Should the battery run out, you’ll be able to use the bundled cable instead, which effectively turns the Y50BT back to the wired AKG Y50. once victimization the headphones with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to manage volume and playback employing a series of buttons on the proper cup.

Signal dependability isn’t quite as rock-solid because the best from Beats and Sony. However, aside from the odd blip throughout the primary jiffy of a Bluetooth affiliation session, the AKG Y50BT square measure largely freed from interference. At home, it’s potential to induce 5-8m aloof from your phone before the signal breaks down.

There’s no active noise cancellation within the Y50BT. However, there’s a mic on the proper cup that allows you to require calls.

AKG Y50BT – Sound quality

When the 1st arrived on the market, the AKG Y50BT were priced at £150. This was cheaper than most pairs of this kind, however still prominently quite you’d buy a wired combine.

Since then the value has returned all the way down to a friendlier £110-120. AKG has nailed a thought sound that contains a smart likelihood of pleasing each audio obsessives and people merely trying to find headphones that will deliver basslines convincingly.

Like most transportable headphones, the AKG Y50BT contains a crowd-pleasing additional hit of bass, however it doesn’t cloud the sound and provides satisfying sub-bass. That’s notably vital if you wish electronic music, that is usually packed with bass.

There’s respectable mid-range detail for what’s Associate in Nursing entry-level headphone, which makes the AKG Y50BT an honest alternative for the audiophile trying to find one thing fun to pay attention to whereas walking around. They’re full and thick-sounding, while not that chunkiness turning into an impeding agent.

The soundstage displays smart breadth for cheap on-ear headphones, and, as I noted once mentioning aptX, there’s no obvious large dip in quality once streaming wirelessly. The treble is on the soft aspect, lacking the bite fans of bright headphones are going to be once. However, the AKG Y50BT square measure a triumph at the price: complete and cohesive-sounding.

We found the audio quality to be particular and it will combat headphones of a rather higher worth vary too. The bass of those may be a bit on the upper aspect. i believe the nice isolation additionally adds on to it impact. on behalf of me this in person makes for an honest combine to pay attention to most music. The bass isn’t therefore high that it’ll noise all different musical instruments or voice clarity, therefore it’s additionally well-suited for movies or different audio additionally.

The headphones additionally felt loud enough for Associate in Nursing immersive audio expertise.

Given the slight firmness of the scarf that tends to supply an honest isolation, it additionally implies that sporting these for extended periods, will cause a small discomfort. currently that I’ve spoken concerning the sound output, let Maine additionally quote the input. The mike of this one is sensible. it’s pretty sensitive, and might catch the audio effortlessly. i attempted out some voice writing (speech-to-text) in my phone and that i was truly simply whispering and therefore the phone detected every and each word of what I aforesaid.

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Should I get the AKG Y50BT?

The AKG Y50BT square measure a number of the simplest wireless headphones at the value. The Urbanista Seattle provides comparable sound quality for fewer cash, however, they additionally use lower-quality Bluetooth streaming and suffer considerably worse battery life.

These headphones beat the Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT and square measure much better than the Sony MDR-XB650BT.

If each £10 matters, I’d suggest the Urbanista Seattle over this combine. However, there’s no denying the AKG Y50BT square measure longer-lasting, maybe better-built and use superior school.

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Otherwise, the Y50s don’t place a foot wrong as a combine of transportable cans.

Though the funky style had USA thinking they could be style-over-substance Beats wannabes, it’s simply a smokescreen for what’s another great-sounding combine of AKG headphones.


Impressive clarity, detail and dynamics

Easy to use



Nothing at this worth


Decent for mixed usage. This on-ears area unit fairly comfy, well-made, and have the above-average sound quality to allow you to get pleasure from your favorite tracks accurately. Their ANC feature isolates a good quantity of noise, which may be sensible for travel or at the workplace. though they’re comfy and light-weight, they aren’t stable enough for physical activity. Their latency could be a small amount high for looking at video content and recreation, however, they are available with Associate in Nursing audio cable to induce obviate it that conjointly encompasses a higher activity in-line mic still.

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