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COWIN E7 headphone – Review

COWIN E7 headphone – Review

I am reviewing the COWIN E7, on over-ear Bluetooth headphone with Active Noise Cancelling technology and a big variety of happy customers.

COWIN E7 may be a whole that you simply have heard too typically because of their young age. still, the whole has skyrocketed with the sales driven by their COWIN E7, even changing into one in every of the highest five most oversubscribed headphones at Amazon with quite 7000 extremely positive client reviews, an amount higher than some extraordinarily fashionable headphones like the: Beats Solo2, Sennheiser HD598, to call some. With such an oversized variety of happy homeowners. we tend to determined to search out our why they gained such a name and submit them to our COWIN E7 sound tests to visualize if they foot-dragging to our reader’s standards.

The COWIN E7 area unit budget noise-cancelling headphones with excellent wireless vary however mediocre sound quality. They’re tight for many use cases however tend to sound a bit dark and muffled. On the top side, they need a moderately snug style, an extended battery life, and block a good quantity of noise for travelling. sadly, their budget worth show in their build quality that feels a small amount low cost every now and then.

The COWIN E7 options forty metric linear unit dynamic drivers, Bluetooth wireless affiliation, NFC and Active Noise Cancelling. the development of this Bluetooth headphones is created of a mix of metal and plastic components, the headscarf encompasses a bolstered metal band and most of the main points of the ear cups, despite superficial metal, area unit fabricated from silver-coloured plastics.

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COWIN E7’s features and technical specifications:

Type: Over-Ear/Bluetooth/Active/Noise-Cancelling

Driver Unit: 40mm


Power Capacity: N/A

Impedance: 32 ohms

Frequency Response:22-20,00Hz

Active Noise-Canceling: Yes

Ease of use: Mediocre

Music Control: Yes

Volume Control: Yes

Microphone Control: No

Channel Mixing: N/A

NFC: Yes

Cord: detachable, round, cord, 3.5mm

Cord Length: 1.2m

Plug: Stereo mini plug

Battery Life: 30hours

Supplied: detachable cable, Charging

Accessories: cable, carrying  pouch


The ear cups of the COWIN E7 area unit rounded and fairly nice allowing them to fit your ears inside the pads. The depth offered by the ear cups and thus the ear pads makes them really comfortable with the ears not touching the structure of the ear cups. The COWIN E7 is compatible with golem and Apple devices. you will get the COWIN E7 in black, blue, white or red colour.

The COWIN E7 has an honest vogue and build quality but feel slightly inexpensive. They’re well-padded headphones that won’t be as comfortable for all listeners since their band doesn’t extend approach enough to accommodate fully completely different head shapes and sizes. they’re jointly barely giant and slightly tight for some. On the highest aspect, they have a good but slightly incommodious management theme, and thus the tight match makes them relatively stable. they’ll not be the right headphones for determining and a lot of strenuous exercises but they need to be fine for casual listening sessions and even a light-weight jog.

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Style and comfort:

The Cowin E7 look right modern but haven’t got the foremost effective build quality. they have a thick and well-padded band that feels further high-end than the rest of the planning. The ear cups square measure equally well-padded but the plastic utilised in their build quality feels low grade and bit low price. They even have a shiny finish which will not be for everyone.

The Cowin E7 square measure well-padded and right comfortable headphones but the scarf don’t extend such a lot enough to accommodate all head sizes. they’re relatively light-weight and thus the artefact used for the ear cups and band is soft that reduces the variety of the clamping result that these headphones wear some listeners. they’re not significantly uncomfortable but as a result of the scarf doesn’t extend such a lot enough they will feel a little quantity tight on some heads. the dimensions and depth of the ear pads and ear cups give a greatly comfortable work what is going to embrace at intervals your ears whereas not generating pressure or pain. The clamping force is secure, withal versatile to easily adapt to any head’s size whereas not issues. Moreover, their pivoting ear cups alter a perfect positioning and thus the ninety-degree rotating system permits their ear cups to induce flat once carrying them around the neck or at intervals the carrying pouch.

Controls :

The however to layout for the Cowin E7 feels a small amount incommodious but delivers sensible feedback. they need responsive and clicky buttons for volume management, call/music and skipping tracks. They even have an ardent switch to alter Bluetooth and noise cancelling. However, the incommodious layout and also the odd placement of the degree controls don’t seem to be as intuitive and will take it slow to induce accustomed.

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The Cowin E7 square measure in good order breathable for associate over-ear style. they’re going to heat up your ears and cause you to sweat throughout a lot of intense exercises, however, you’ll hear them for over associate hour throughout casual listening sessions and not be too daunted by the temperature distinction. However, they will not be the best headphones for sports or very long listening sessions. during this case, associate in-ear or associate open-back headphone would be higher choices.


These headphones don’t fold to require less house. they are on the larger facet for over-ear headphones with a rather large style that is not convenient to hold on your person. The ear cups do lay flat, however, it does not save a lot of houses, thus you may presumably want a bag to hold them around.


The Cowin E7 keep company with a basic pouch which will shield the headphones against minor scratches however will not defend them from impacts, drops, or water harm.

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Build Quality:

The Cowin E7 has a mean build quality that feels a small amount low-cost. the headscarf is well created with a metal frame for reinforcement. However, the plastic used for the ear cups feels low grade and a small amount of low-cost. they will not break from a number of falls, however, the ear cups and hinges don’t feel as sturdy because the more modern Cowin SE7 or perhaps a number of the opposite budget headphones we’ve reviewed during this value vary.


These headphones square measure above-average stable. they need a comparatively tight match on some heads which suggests they will not move a great deal throughout casual listening sessions and even a gentle jog. However, they’re not sports headphones, thanks to their bulk and size they still sway a great deal throughout strenuous activities in order that they will not be the best headphones for running or understanding. On the top they are wireless, in order that they will not get yanked off your head as a result of the cable got hooked on one thing.

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They have a deep and extended bass capable of manufacturing thumps and kicks and perform terribly systematically across multiple users. However, their bass tends to sound boomy, their middle vary is muddy and overwhelming, and their treble lacks a great deal of clarity and detail. Overall, they sound a small amount of untidy and mid-rangy, and vocals and lead instruments can lack some presence. in addition, they do not have the foremost open and spacious soundstage, and their distortion performance is regarding average.


The E-7 has a protracted-lasting battery life however a protracted charge time. though they are doing provide you with regarding forty-five minutes of playback from a ten minutes charge, to charge them absolutely, you’ve got to depart them obstructed sure over three hours that isn’t ideal. On the top, they will be used utterly passively, and that they will continue taking part in audio whereas charging. sadly, they are doing not mechanically shut down to avoid wasting battery.

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App Support:

The Cowin E-7 doesn’t have any compatible apps. cross-check the Sennheiser HD four.50 for a decent noise cancelling Headphone with a good customizable app. but they are quite bit pricier than the Cowins.


The Cowin E7 square measure budget Bluetooth headphones that support NFC for simple pairing with smartphones. sadly, they cannot combine at the same time with multiple devices however ought to be comparatively simple to combine with one Bluetooth supply.

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These headphones have regarding 160ms of latency. whereas this is often regarding average for many Bluetooth headphones with no further low latency codecs, it additionally means that they will not be ideal for observation videos. If you wish to observe movies either use them wired or get the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x for his or her wired affiliation and sensible sound.


The Cowin E7 is tight for mixed usage. These headphones block enough close noise for travelling and don’t leak a lot of for quieter settings like being at the workplace. alas, they need a sub-par sound which will not be ideal for important listening and will even sound too dark for additional casual listeners.

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